The Architecture Museum Effect / De effecten van architectuurmusea

OASE #99


Dutch / English

by Oase journal
published by Utigever / 2017 
printed and Bound in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

digitally printed

The Architecture Museum Effect / De effecten van architectuurmusea is a reflection on the practices of 10 + different architecture museums and how they have developed and cemented their influence on the discourse surrounding architecture’s cultural, social, and political situation. Through the invocation of technology, public education programming, and art + design connections in comparison, the architecture museum has evolved from a place of celebration and retrospection to an institution with the prestige to shape the evolving landscapes of growing cities. Featured: the FRAC Centre in Orléans, France, The Leopoldo Rother Museum of Architecture in Bogota, Colombia, The Museum of Estonian Architecture in Tallinn, Estonia, ArkDes in Stockholm, Sweden, The CCA in Montreal, Canada, The Arkitera Architecture Center in Istanbul, Turkey, and the MAAT in Lisbon, Portugal

This publication was featured in the selection Landscaping.