Space Rental

Available November 5 - December 20 2021

Cleo the Gallery is proud to offer our gallery space for rent between November 5 - December 20 as a fundraising event to support future programming. This opportunity is ideal for artists wanting to rent the space by the day or hour for photographing work outside of their studio or having a brief exhibition where they can show bodies of work in progress for community feedback.

The stipulations are as follows:

*4 days max for work to be in space

*Artists will pay rent
$50/day OR $12/hr based on whether they will need by day or by hour availability

*Professional photos + advertising + fundraising will be up to the discretion of the artist and not paid for by Cleo --- We are happy to give recommendations

*Contracts will be drawn up to be signed based on an individual's need of the space and include that the gallery must be returned to its original state after use

*If artists want work to be for sale during the time of rent, transactions will have to take place separate of Cleo in which artists will keep 100% of the proceeds

*Artists are able to curate library selection during the run of the show

*Proposals propagating homophobia, rascism, transphobia or xenophobia will NOT be considered

Interested? Email us at with proposals