Marcher sans guide / Walking Without a Guide

French / English

by Juliette Périers-Denis and Maia C. Donnelly
self published / 2018
printed and Hand-bound at Book Art in Montréal

49 pgs
digitally printed
kettle stitch bound w/ fold out cover jacket

Marcher sans guide / Walking without a guide is a selection of meditations on the pleasure of walking. An ode to Rebecca Solnit’s ‘Wanderlust: A History of Walking’, both Donnelly and Périers-Denis feature past philosophies found in the great works of Thoreux and Baudelaire around their present encounters with the practice. There are trails headlining each musing and details that build an insight specific to the moments enchanted, some poetic, others frank: a pizza box sign while hitchhiking, Kraft for dinner by the river. They tie together these vignettes, especially, with observations on gender. Like Solnit, they offer a call to reclaim the practice of wandering as protest against induced fears around the harm women have potential to face. With this freedom they then are able to landscape the world encompassing their journey, full of gestures made by, for, or despite the nature surrounding them in order to piece together a substantial sense of self and space.

This publication was featured in the selection Landscaping.